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Product Institute is an online, subscription-based learning hub for product managers at every level. Baseline your teams with dynamic, fresh content, support their growth with endless learning opportunities, and track their progress and skill levels with easy reporting. Your teams will transition from theoretical comprehension to real world application without skipping a beat.

Product Institute is a complete online school for your product team. Upskilling begins with acquiring new skills in our micro-lessons, designed to fit the busiest schedules. After each course, we continue supporting students as they begin applying new concepts in their work.


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Engaged Learning,
immediate results

Approachable, never-boring content in micro-learning format for busy teams
Tangible examples bring complex concepts to life
Quizzes to help students self-manage comprehension
Activities inspire learners to immediately apply new material

Actionable takeaways and tools empower learners to tackle complex problems
Product Community via Slack for inspiration and support
Collaborative format of activities fosters in-person teamwork
New courses by product experts always in development

* For Teams Premium and Enterprise Subscriptions

  • Oversee team progress at a glance
  • Track quiz scores and flag needs for extra support
  • Discover high potential product thinkers
  • Demonstrate ROI to leadership and stakeholders

Virtual Coaching

Looking for a live teaching component to enhance your team’s experience? We offer dedicated virtual coaching packages led by our VPs of Product. As your team works through the Product Management Foundations Course, they’ll attend 5 live discussion sessions where they can receive peer and instructor critique on course activities, ask their instructor questions Lean Coffee style, and dive further into how new tools and frameworks apply specifically to their work. Keep everyone on track and engaged with this extra level of support.

  • Exclusive coaching sessions via Zoom with your team
  • 90 minute meetings, 5 meetings total during 10 week Foundations Course
  • VP of Product to host discussions, answer questions, and provide feedback on course-related activities with the opportunity to iterate
  • Students prepare by completing course lessons and activities, attend sessions ready to discuss
  • 15 students per coaching package, $15,000 per coaching package

To purchase coaching packages for your team, contact us.

Enrich your teams’ learning.
Drive success for your business.

  • Subscription-based model for continuous, autonomous learning
  • Refreshingly fun material, in micro-learning form
  • Baseline knowledge for your whole organization
  • Usage analytics at a glance
  • Practice quizzes, final exams, certifications, and exclusive webinars
  • New courses continually released on high-demand topics
  • Easy-to-access resources and frameworks
  • International Slack community of product thinkers

All Access Pass

Courses to support your teams at every turn. Subscribe, learn, and grow.


Product Management Foundations

Our celebrated origins course, created by working product managers to help you approach problems and collaborate with team members like a truly great PM. Expect short, fun videos and worksheets, free of unnecessary jargon or 101 basics.

Tech Fundamentals

Have you ever been overwhelmed by developer jargon? Or felt the pain of balancing priority with feasibility? This course will teach you the basics of common technology patterns and how to work with developers.


As a product manager good metrics are key to improving your decision making. Discover how to effectively use metrics to monitor product health, guide product direction, and communicate your product’s status within your company.

UX Design Fundamentals

Make UX core to your product skill set. We’ll show you how to work with UX designers, and how to identify areas of opportunity, create wireframes and interactive prototypes, and validate solutions with users when working solo.

Market Research

Learn how to size your market, research what your competitors are doing, identify the major trends in your market, and pull this information together to make a compelling business case.

In The Works

User Research
Winter 2021

Validate your qualitative data and dig deeper into the “why” behind your quantitative metrics. Learn to deliver evidence-based insights to inform the direction of your product and answer the question, “What do I do next?”

Our product experts are always working to bring you new Product Institute courses!

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We Wrote The Book!

We’ve helped countless enterprise and growth stage companies alike avoid the dreaded build trap and see exponential growth. Read about our approach in our new book.

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We Wrote The Book!

We’ve helped countless enterprise and growth stage companies alike avoid the dreaded build trap and see exponential growth. Read about our approach in our new book.

Buy the Book