PI Terms

[version March 4, 2022]

1. Definitions. All capitalized terms not defined herein shall be defined in the Glossary, which can be found here: https://productinstitute.com/p/glossary.

2. Access to Courses.  

a. Agreement. By agreeing to purchase one or more Courses, Client has entered into a Click-Through Agreement (as fully defined below in Section 5) with Product Institute, which sets forth the terms of how Client will be able to access the Course(s) on the Website. A description of the different type of Courses can be found here: https://lms.productinstitute.com/checkout.

b. Access. Upon payment of the Course Fees and full compliance with all the terms of the Click-Through Agreement, Product Institute grants a single license for one individual person (as designated by Client) to access each Course purchased by Client. If Client wants more than one individual person to have access to a Course, then Client will need to purchase an additional Course for each additional person seeking to access such Course in the Library. Client will receive a Seat Code representing a license to each Course so purchased, and Client will decide those Students to whom it wants to grant access to the Course(s) by sharing the Seat Code with such Students. 

c. Limitations.

i. Each Seat Code and access to each Course is a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, nontransferable, non-assignable and non-refundable license and is valid only for the duration of the Subscription Term and subject to Client’s and its Students’ compliance with the terms of the Click-Through Agreement.

ii. Each Student accessing a Course (or the Library) under Client’s account must first register with Product Institute by creating a Student Account, and each Student must consent and agree to access each Course and/or use the Library only in accordance with the End-User Terms & Conditions, the Program Policies, the SLA and the Privacy Policy.

iii. Failure by either Client or one of its Students to comply with the terms of the Click-Through Agreement and/or the End-User Terms & Conditions may result in the suspension or revocation of the licenses granted herein, which may result in the inability to access the Course(s) and/or the Library.

3. Subscription Term. Each Library License is for a term of one year, which begins on the date when Client enters into the Click-Through Agreement, which is specified in the Invoice.

4. Library License Fees. Client shall pay those Library License Fees to Product Institute as set forth in the Invoice.

5. Click-Through Agreement. By subscribing for the number of Library Licenses under the corresponding Plan, Client shall be bound by the terms of all of the documents and/or policies set forth below, all of which are incorporated together to form a single legally binding agreement between Client and the Product Institute (this single legal agreement is collectively referred to as the “Click-Through Agreement” (the documents below, other than the Invoice which is generated and emailed to Client, can all be found at the hyperlinks for each:

a. the Invoice (which is generated upon purchasing (a) Course(s),

b. these PI Terms,

c. the Glossary,

d. the End-User Terms & Conditions,

e. the Program Policies (these policies convey information that is particular to certain classes or programs within the Library),

f. the SLA, and

g. the Privacy Policy.

Client hereby indicates that it has clicked on the hyperlink associated with each of these above documents or has otherwise accessed each of these particular documents, has reviewed the terms of each of these particular documents and consents to all of the terms contained within each of these particular documents – some of which addresses the following issues: Client responsibilities, intellectual property rights, ownership of data, limitation of liability, limited warranty, indemnification, confidentiality, dispute resolution, service level requirements and branding requirements.