Product Institute | UX Design Fundamentals Overview

UX Design Fundamentals

The course that will make UX core to your product management process.


Course Overview

In this course you’ll learn how to make UX a key component of your product skill set. We’ll show you how to effectively collaborate with UX designers, and how to run the show solo if need be. You’ll learn how to identify areas of opportunity, validate solutions with users, and communicate designs with development.

What You Will Learn

1 Intro to UX Design Fundamentals

  • What is UX and Why is it Important
  • Glossary
  • Activity: Assess your UX
  • Unit 1: Quiz for Understanding

2 Identifying a Starting Point Through Journey Mapping

  • User Journey Mapping
  • Activity: Map the User Journey
  • Unit 2: Quiz for Understanding

3 Conceptualizing a Solution with Low-Fidelity Wireframing

  • Creating User Flows
  • Activity: Create a Short-hand User Flow
  • Wireframing
  • Activity: Wireframing with 3 Basic Shapes
  • Unit 3: Quiz for Understanding

4 Validating Concepts with Users

  • Concept Testing
  • Activity: Moderate a Concept Test
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Activity: Run an Affinity Mapping Exercise
  • Unit 4: Quiz for Understanding

5 Designing Across Platforms

  • Designing Across Platforms
  • Activity: Designing a Responsive Web App
  • Unit 5: Quiz for Understanding

6 Defining Information Architecture and Creating Interactive Prototypes

  • Information Architecture
  • Activity: Conduct a Card Sort Exercise
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Activity: Create Clickable Prototypes in Invision
  • Unit 6: Quiz for Understanding

7 Conducting Usability Testing

  • Usability Testing Prep
  • Activity: Create a Usability Test Script
  • Conducting Usability Testing
  • Activity: Moderate a Usability Test
  • Unit 7: Quiz for Understanding

8 Creating High-Fidelity Prototypes with Design Systems

  • Working with Design Systems
  • Activity: Create an Interface Inventory
  • Preparing for Development
  • Activity: Design-Development Communication
  • Accessibility
  • Unit 8 Quiz for Understanding

9 Common UX Problems

  • Common UX problems
  • Activity: Conducting a Content Audit
  • Unit 9 Quiz for Understanding

10 Putting it All Together

  • UX Design Fundamentals Roundup


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We Wrote The Book!

We’ve helped countless enterprise and growth stage companies alike avoid the dreaded build trap and see exponential growth. Read about our approach in our new book.

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