Product Institute Program Policies

[Version: March 4, 2022]

These program policies (i) incorporated into and made part of the terms of the Click-Through Agreement between Product Institute and Client with respect to Client’s and/or Client End-User’s use of the Product Institute System, and (ii) outlines the Program Policies for the Product Institute System. Capitalized terms not defined within this document will have the meanings given to them in the Glossary, which is located at the following URL:

1. Course Library.

The Course Library consists of various Courses, made up of units. Each unit contains lessons made up of video, written, worksheet, and links to third party content. Units contain quizzes to test understanding of material. Students will receive access to those Courses purchased in accordance with the terms of the Click-Through Agreement.  

2. Advancing through Courses.

To progress through each unit, you will need to finish each sequential lesson and take the quiz. You will have 4 times to take the quiz and pass. If you do not pass within 4 tries, someone from Product Institute will help you unlock the quiz so you can try again. You will not be able to advance until the quizzes are taken in previous units.

3. Receiving Certificate of Completion.

Upon successful completion of each Course, you will receive an automatically generated certificate of completion to download. To get the certificate, you are required to finish all lessons and quizzes in the Course.

4. Entry of Data.

Students will not be able to enter data from client into the Course. There is no area for data entry.

5. Access to Slack Community.

Once you enroll in Product Institute, you will receive an invite to our Slack community. The Slack community is a place where you can ask and answer questions of your peers.

6. Team Access

To access the curriculum, the designated contact at the company will need to supply the appropriate students with sign up instructions and a code. The code can be entered into the sign-up flow to bypass the credit card payment. Unique codes will be sent to the designated contract at the company upon successful completion of payment.

7. License Transfer

Each Seat Code to a Course is unique and cannot be transferred from one Student to another Student. We allow a one-time transfer of up to 10% of total licenses purchased within subscription term. The person who the license is being transferred from must not have completed more than 30% of the Product Management Foundations Course. 

8. Refund Policy

We would never want you to be unhappy with your purchase. If you have completed less than 30% of the Course within 30 days of sign-up and you are unsatisfied with the material, contact us at [email protected] and we will provide a full refund. If you’ve worked through 30% or more of any Course or it is past 30 days since you’ve purchased the Course, we can no longer offer any refunds. If you choose to cancel your subscription after 30 days, no refunds will be issued for partial subscription periods but you can continue to access your content until the end of your year-long subscription window.