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Product Management Foundations

Learn to THINK like a product manager and level up your career.



A great product manager asks two big questions: “Should we build this?” and “Why?” These product managers are bad idea terminators - they know how to identify the ideas that should be swiftly killed, and how to make room for the best ideas to prevail. After our 10 part Product Management Foundations course, you will be one of those Product Managers. You will confidently ask the right questions, prioritize efficiently, and lead your team to product success. While we will definitely touch on the basics, this isn’t just a 101 course - you will gain insight into how working product experts approach setting goals, interviewing users, choosing the right experiment, communication with stakeholders, and much more. You will walk away with an arsenal of new frameworks and methods in your product toolkit that will immediately apply to your day to day work.

What You Will Learn

1 What is Product Management?

  • A Product Manager's Purpose
  • A Roadmap To This Course and Your Role
  • The History of Product Management
  • Agile and Product Management
  • Module Roundup
  • Module 1: Quiz for Understanding

2 Goals and Metrics

  • Goals and Metrics
  • Pirate (AARRR) Metrics
  • HEART Framework
  • Choosing the Right Metrics and Goals
  • The Product Strategy Canvas
  • Module Roundup
  • Module 2: Quiz for Understanding

3 Empathizing with Users

  • Building Empathy
  • Effective Customer Interviews Preview
  • Good User Personas
  • Empathy Maps
  • Weekly Roundup
  • Module 3: Quiz for Understanding

4 Identifying The Problem

  • Killing Your Bias to Focus on the Problem
  • Jobs to Be Done
  • Problems vs Requirements
  • Opportunities: Choosing the Right Problem
  • Module Roundup
  • Module 4: Quiz for Understanding

5 Problem Exploration

  • Experimenting to Learn
  • Finding Problem-Solution Fit
  • The Product Kata
  • Creating the Value Proposition
  • Module Roundup
  • Module 5: Quiz for Understanding

6 Solution Exploration

  • Finding Product-Market Fit
  • Identifying Assumptions
  • The Truth About MVPs
  • A/B Testing: When and Why
  • Module Roundup
  • Module 6: Quiz for Understanding

7 Building the Right Thing

  • Building a Solution Strategy
  • Story Mapping & Minimum Feature Sets
  • Cost of Delay
  • Feedback, Iteration, and Definition of Done
  • Module Roundup
  • Module 7: Quiz for Understanding

8 Prioritization and Roadmaps

  • The Deal with Backlogs
  • Prioritization Guidelines
  • Effective Roadmaps
  • Sunsetting Products and Features
  • Tools and Frameworks for Product Managers
  • Module Roundup
  • Module 8: Quiz for Understanding

9 Stakeholders and Teams

  • Running Ideation Sessions
  • Understanding Stakeholders and Getting Buy In
  • Motivating and Working with Your Team
  • Module Roundup
  • Module 9: Quiz for Understanding

10 Putting It All Together

  • Continuing Your Product Management Education
  • Case Study on Improvement Phase
  • Case Study on Creation Phase
  • Good vs. Great Product Managers
  • Full Class Activity/Readings Roundup
  • Module 10: Final Quiz!

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We’ve helped countless enterprise and growth stage companies alike avoid the dreaded build trap and see exponential growth. Read about our approach in our new book.

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We Wrote The Book!

We’ve helped countless enterprise and growth stage companies alike avoid the dreaded build trap and see exponential growth. Read about our approach in our new book.

Buy the Book